Happy Halloween!

Every year toward the end of September we get the beloved Chasing Fireflies catalog in the mail. And every year Tylee sees it before I'm able to throw it away and chooses her costume. Last year she wanted to be a genie - and not just any genie, THAT GENIE. I wasn't paying $65 for a genie costume that didn't even include the ($16) hat and the ($16) lamp. This year she chose the voodoo doll costume and while I initially said no, I was surprised to find similar costumes at other retailers were almost the same price. Apparently just going to Goodwill is a thing of the past. And apparently, my kid is also very spoiled. But she looked so, so good and that made Halloween so, so fun! 

She told me, "I love this costume because I don't have to smile!" Thankfully, I was able to coax one out of her. It was fun that Halloween was on a Saturday this year. We got ready early afternoon and did our little photo shoot before heading to town for dinner. We hit up Grammy's and Grandpa Tom's before going to our favorite little neighborhood. 
We got there a little later than I had planned and it was too dark to get any pictures of her trick-or-treating. It was a nice little break from shooting though and I thoroughly enjoyed the night with my family! I sure will miss these days!