For some reason, Taylor decided to put her tickets on sale a full 10 months before the concert. That means that last December (the 5th, to be exact) I scored Tylee and I some awesome seats at a concert scheduled for September 22nd, 2015. That is a looooong time to wait! But we survived. And once the day finally came, the anticipation and wait was totally worth it...just as I knew it would be! 

I picked Tylee up from school around lunch that day and we jammed out to Taylor Swift the whole 3-hour drive to KC. I love me some Taylor but that was a little much even for me! I finally convinced her to switch to the radio to see if maybe we could find a station broadcasting live from the Sprint Center. No such luck but it did give us me a breather for a bit before we turned her back on. 
I was really, really nervous about rush-hour and parking in downtown KC with 13,000 other Swifties. I'm not usually one to be scared of traffic but something about this was bothering me. We stopped by my brothers to freshen up and drop off our bags and decided to head down early to beat the crowd. 

We got parked and found the Sprint Center just fine! Whew! Now I could finally enjoy the evening. 
We had about a 2.5 hour wait so we walked around Power and Light for a bit and then went and ate dinner. Tylee was so anxious to get inside but didn't understand that all we would do is sit, sit, and sit some more!

The atmosphere was really buzzing around the Sprint Center and radio stations were set up playing Taylor non-stop. I distracted Tylee all that I could and we finally went in about an hour before Vance Joy started. Before we went in, I had asked one of the DJ's if you could see Taylor's tour bus and semis if you walked back behind the Sprint Center. She told me no - they were pulled underneath but lo and behold when we walked around the arena - there they were. I'm still sad about that missed photo-op! 
There was enough going on once we got inside that the wait went by fast. Taylor had videos playing of interviews with trivia and stuff. 
At one point, I saw everyone down on the floor looking excited and all kind of turning toward this group of people moving towards us. I looked around and saw that it was Taylors Mom causing all the fuss!! She was coming straight towards us but before we knew it, BAM! The lights went off and there was Taylor! I was kind of distracted because I knew Andrea (her Mom) was coming our way and chose people out of the audience to go meet Taylor. I was trying to follow her, take it all in, and watch Tylee's reaction but from that very moment until the very last song - everything went 100mph with not a single second to gather your thoughts.

(I would've given anything to take my DSLR inside but alas, no professional cameras allowed. We were so close I could've developed a poster! But nope, enjoy the iPhone photos.)
After the first song, I looked over at Tylee and we were both smiling so big. I asked her what she thought and she told me, "I cried." That has to be my happiest parenting moment to date. To be able to give that moment to her and experience it with her just made my heart so happy. TJ really missed out by choosing to opt out on a teeny-bopper concert. :-D 

The concert wasn't what I thought it would be at all but I am not disappointed in the slightest. I love a good toe-tapping sing-along but this was far from that. Taylor is 100% a pop-princess who knows how to work the audience like a pro. There were 25 outfit changes and something going on at all times. 2 stages, 10 backup dancers, a stage that elevated, confetti, lights - and ever single bit of it was top notch. The cameras (for the jumbotron) knew exactly how many steps Taylor was going to take before she even took them and flung around to get her on the way back flawlessly. I can only assume I will never experience anything like that again in my life. Every single concert that Tylee attends after this one will probably be a disappointment. Sitting on the 6th row and seeing your idol on stage singing all of your favorite songs at 7-years old going to be pretty hard to top.

We stayed all night with my brother and Erin that night and wrapped up the rest of our Mommy-Daughter date the next day. We did some shopping and ate sushi before heading home to Daddy. 
Moments like this are the ones I envisioned when I first heard those three words, "It's a girl!" I still get warm fuzzies thinking about that evening and it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift. (Okay, well, maybe a little.) But having something to bond over with my girl and being able to provide something to make all her dreams come true, is priceless. 

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