The Greatest Show on Earth!

How did I forget to blog about the greatest show on earth?! It was a really, really cool show and since I've only been to one circus in my life, probably the greatest show I've seen.  We were highly impressed! A friend at work had recommended it to me a couple years ago but I must've missed it when it came around last year. I was happy to have caught it this year and it did not disappoint! TJ asked me several times before we went who was more excited - me or Tylee? I think I was! 
Although I wasn't excited about that $15 sno-cone! 
There was a pre-show before the circus and we were able to go down and walk around. We got to meet some of the stars and look at the costumes and such. It was neat but Tylee was too shy to get the full experience. Oh well, it was free. 

This was the smaller version of the Ringling Brothers circus so I was a little nervous that we were going to miss out on a lot. I think the main thing this show (Built to Amaze) didn't have was the lions and tigers but I cannot imagine them cramming much more in to a 2-hour time slot.  

This (above) was my favorite thing. Once it got going, I was too mesmerized to get a good picture but here is a video. I'm not sure that Tylee understood how dangerous it all was so although neat, she wasn't as amazed at TJ and I. 

If you ever have a chance to go, I would highly recommend it. We had such a great time and will definitely go again in a few year! 

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