2nd Grade

Man, time flies when you are having fun! I've been really looking forward to 2nd grade but now that I see these pictures, it makes me sad. If anything says "she isn't a baby anymore" it is the collage at the bottom. Back-to-school at a small school is pretty uneventful. Same kids, small classes, and a kid that is familiar with the entire building. They actually got 6 new students in 2nd grade this year so they split Tylee's class. She now is now in a class with only 12 other students. It was pretty heartbreaking when we got that letter because her 3 best friends are in the other class but I know that it is normal for most. This will be good for her and maybe she can branch out and make some new friends. 
 As always, we are sad summer is over but are ready to get back into a routine. We still have a couple more trips to the lake planned as well as another fun outing, so aren't ready to hang our hats up just yet. I do love fall and all that it entails so we are focusing on the positives here, as hard as that may be!
 2nd Grade
1st Grade

Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade
Where has my baby gone? 


A Weekend at the Lake

My Dad and I's schedule just haven't meshed this summer and we haven't been to the lake since Memorial Day! We were supposed to go all go down this past weekend but he bailed on me - so Tylee and I had our first of many firsts...a weekend without papa! It was definitely a little odd being there without a home base (have I mentioned the packrat?) but it was still so good to be there.

We visited with Grandma for awhile and then headed down to the beach to eat lunch and swim. I knew my Aunt and Uncle, plus a few cousins would be down soon and we could probably hitch a ride on the boat. That is exactly what happened! 

Lucky for Tylee, our first stop was for some gas at Serenity Point. The kids love that place! 

And then we went to a cove with some shade to swim. 

Back to the beach! 

The strangest part of the day was after we were done on the water. This is usually when we head up to Papa's and change, start the fire, ect. We stayed with my Uncle Danny so went up and freshened up at his place, then went down to my other Uncles to eat dinner and hang out. Tylee probably would've been down there with the other kids anyways so I was the only one that felt out-of-place,  but they did their best to make me feel right at home!  

The fish was DELICIOUS and I am so happy we decided to go. A summer isn't complete without a few trips to the lake!