Luau number 2!

Tylee decided to invite 7-8 girls out to swim for a few hours instead of having a slumber party this year. That worked out great for me because we just left most of the decorations up from the family party. Just like the other party, the hours leading up to it were pure torture!  

I'm never sure what to share of other people's kids so I mostly just got a few pictures of the decor that I missed from Tuesday night. Throwing the same party twice is good for the photographer in me. I was able to look through my pictures and see what I missed from the night before.

 We got lucky on her cake from the previous party because it was the very last one! They didn't have any more of the cupcake kits so I just got some simple cupcakes and reused the palm trees and flowers. Worked perfect! 
Tylee got some really neat gifts and had a lot of fun with her friends. I always feel bad mid-year when everyone else is celebrating birthdays at school but a summer luau is pretty dang fun as well! 
They were all so happy to reunite mid-summer. The whole day was pretty much Tylee's dream come true! 

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