Harlem Globetrotters

We are making good use of our season passes to Silver Dollar City! I think this will be a yearly purchase because it has been so much fun just being able to go for a few hours and leave before it gets super hot and really busy! Tylee has been wanting to go down and see the Globetrotters and I kept thinking I'd plan a day trip. July got away from me though and we ended up going on the last day they were there! 

Daddy wanted to join us so we turned it into a mini-vacay - that way we didn't have to drive the 3 hour drive twice in one day, which gets a big thumbs up from me! We started the trip with an obligatory stop at Lamberts. TJ wasn't overly happy about the 1.5 hour wait but he did it with minimal complaining for his two best girls. 

We got checked in and headed straight to The Track when we got in town! 
I would've said no but apparently TJ is nicer than I am because after the Track, he took us to Ripley's Believe it or Not! I've never been there (and probably won't go back) but Tylee thought it was so fun. She loved reading the stuff about Ancient Egypt and the head-shrinking in China - I was more interested in the Worlds Tallest Man. 
The next morning we headed to our favorite place on earth (okay, so maybe 2nd favorite after Grand Lake) to see the Globetrotters! 

SDC sure is a different place going as a family of 3 vs. going with the all the cousins. We were in the door before the park opened and got to sit, relax, and watch the opening ceremony! I've been to this park 35 times and have never seen the opening ceremony! Didn't even know they had one!
After that, we headed to ride some rides. We were the first ones in the park! 

On the way in, TJ overheard someone saying they needed to get in line for the GlobeTrotters. I had heard that you needed to get in line early if you wanted to sit down in front and that there was lots of audience participation. Tylee did not want to get called on so I didn't figure it mattered where we sat. About an hour before the show, we headed to get in line and whoa! It was so, so, so long. I told him and Tylee to go to the Gift Shop and I would go find the end of the line...which ended up being forever away. 

Gift Shop Success! 
Once I finally found the end of the line, a referee (from the show) comes up and starts telling people that they are at capacity and anyone past a certain point is not going to get in. We were about 30 people back from what was supposedly the last guy. Insert freak out here! People just kept coming and coming and he just kept reiterating that they were at capacity and anyone past "that third flag" was going to get up to the front door and be told that it was full. Did I mention this was the last day they were there? And we were wanting to get on the road back home? Stressful! We decided to wait in line and chance it and to make a long story short, we barely got in! 

Tylee loved the entire show but the highlight was definitely getting to meet and get autographs from the Globetrotters at the end.
5 days later and she still hasn't taken off those wristbands! 

After the show, we went and checked out the petting zoo and then got back on the road to head home. There was a definite difference in temperature from when we went in at 11am vs when we were done after noon! It was definitely going to be a miserable day and the place was packed! I love not having to feel like we need to get "our money's worth" because we know we can go back again in the fall! And that we will! I'm so happy Tylee go to see the GlobeTrotters and any vacation is a great vacation! Even if it was too short! 

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