4th of July

It was definitely odd leaving work on Thursday evening with the holiday weekend ahead and going towards home instead of the lake. My Dad had decided not to go down this year and since he has a little (big!) problem with a very persistent pack rat, I definitely wasn't going by myself! We had some fun things on the agenda though so I wasn't overly disappointed. I did find myself being very restless in between events because I felt like I should be at the lake on a boat or the beach with my family! 

Friday night we went to the Ogles annual 4th of July party, which I love, love, love! All of my favorite people plus great fireworks! I mean, doesn't it just look fantastic? 

(crappy pictures but I had to at least document that I was around on the 4th!) 

Saturday morning we took Tylee to The Home Depot kids workshop. Not quite the same as loading up on the boat for the day but close. :-D She loves those things and I'll admit, I think they are pretty fun too. 

And then headed to a few more parties. 

I kept itching to get to Chanute all weekend to see the kids. That is what 4th of July is all about, right? So Sunday morning we headed to my Mom's bright and early to shoot of fireworks with the cousins and swim. I am also happy I got out my big girl camera. 

And then headed to Nanny and Poppy's to drop Brynna off for the week and shoot more fireworks. Talk about squeezing everyone in! The only person I didn't see is my Dad - but he typically gets every 4th of July. 

Even Lowen showed up! 
We wrapped up the weekend and headed home about dark. It wasn't the sun-filled 4th that I was hoping for but we got in a lot of family time and had a great 3-day weekend. 

Edited to add: Brecca and Braylee sat in the house all day watching Big Brother so I didn't get any pictures of them! :-( I just now noticed that. 

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