Tylee is 7!

Tylee has had a whirlwind of a 7th birthday celebration. It was a very long week for Mama but hard work pays off because I think I threw two of the best parties that I've ever thrown! We had a family luau for TJ and Tylee last Tuesday night and everything went so, so great! I guess I cannot take all the credit because the setting was pretty fabulous. :-D That pool is a dream come true!  

We bought decorations at Party City and I wasn't planning on doing anything too Pinterest-y but saw these cute ideas and went ahead and stole them. 

The wind always blows 100 mph at my house so I couldn't set everything up quit like I'd envisioned but everything still turned out really cute. The kids loved it! 

I took off work a little early to get things ready and Tylee must've asked me 100 times how much longer until everyone got there. She was so, excited! 

The only thing I didn't get done were the water balloons but I figured Brecca and Braylee were big enough that they could fill them for the little kids. They were the hit of the party! Here are Tylee and Lowen hiding out waiting on Braylee. 
They got her! 


(Tylee is obsessed with learning about the presidents.) 

Poppy and Bray taking advantage of the fun party favors. 

Didn't her cake turn out so cute? I got it at Wal-mart! 

The birthday boy and girl! 

The night was so successful and everyone had so much fun. The kids enjoyed swimming and the weather was beautiful enough for the adults to enjoy as well. Time got away from us and we never got a picture of the cousins (Brax couldn't make it - he had baseball) all dressed up in their luau stuff but we snapped this right before everyone left. That is my heart right there. 
Party #1 was a total success and luckily for Tylee, she still had another party to go! Thankfully, we had a few days rest in between. 


Memorial Day Weekend

Just like every year, we were itching to get down to the lake to kick-off summer over Memorial Day. Unfortunately, mother-nature had other plans and the weatherman said it was only going to be 70 degrees and cloudy, with rain in the forecast each day. That wasn't going to stop us! We were ready! 

When we got there Friday night, it was just the two of us and my Dad. All my aunts and uncles don't get off work until 5pm in Chanute so always get a late start. I didn't care though, I was just happy to finally be there! 

Tylee too! 

We had a pretty low-key night and woke up anxiously awaiting the cousins arrival. We also had pickle-sickles for breakfast! If that doesn't scream summer I don't know what does! 
Lindsey's family rented a boat and brought a couple of other families down with them. Tylee didn't want to be stranded on the beach without her cousins so she opted to join them. I stayed behind on land because the water (and air!) was FREEZING! The kids didn't care! 
They made it through the day with no rain and the kids actually got sun-burnt! After they got back, we all went up to the trailer to hang out and cook dinner. 

My Dad  built the kids their own little fire pit! 
The guests were all sleeping in tents which made everyone a little nervous because there was 100% chance of rain all night long. It poured and poured. Then poured some more! Several people ended up sleeping in their cars. When Tylee and I woke up Sunday morning and the forecast said more rain, we were both ready to bail. And that we did! 

We headed home and had a lazy, rainy day with Dad on Sunday (he is always on call with a likely chance to go to work on holiday weekends so has to stay close to home) and got all caught up from being gone...just in time for some sunshine on Monday! 

Although it wasn't quite the weekend I had pictured, we had a good dose of lake-time, family time, and sunshine. Can't really ask for anything better than that to kick-off summer!