Mokan Dragway

Every year we plan on going to Mopar Days at Mokan Dragway around Pittsburg and something always comes up. We were just sure it wouldn't work out this year but apparently the stars aligned and we were able to go! Mokan was somewhere that TJ and I went when we first started dating and it was always a good time. I guess life got in the way and we stopped going but it was fun to take "Greeny" over to show Tylee and reminisce! 

Initially, Tylee was not impressed and I was very thankful I had packed half of the house to keep her entertained! 

As soon as the truck was unloaded, the trailer became her stage! 

She did like walking around, the snack bar, and whenever Daddy raced but those moments were short lived. It was fun to show her our old stomping grounds but I don't think she is in any hurry to go back! Maybe we will leave her with Grammy next time....although she was pretty entertaining!

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