Field Day!

P.E. Day was something you looked forward too all year long in Chanute. When the end of the year starting inching closer, it was ON to see who could run the fastest, who was the strongest, and which teams you would get to be on. Relays were formed and practices were held, all with the anticipation of the big day! P.E. Day holds some great memories for me. 

Tylee's school? Not so much. I wasn't planning on going but decided to surprise her at the last minute. She was happy to see me but I was sorely disappointed. There was a parachute (my favorite!) and tug-of-war (another favorite!) but other than that, it was all just a glorified recess. She didn't seem to mind but I can't lie, there is an inkling of sadness in me that she won't have the same memories as I do. 

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