Silver Dollar City

My Mom and I bought Season Passes to Silver Dollar City this year and we decided to take a day trip with the girls. Bray didn't get to come because this trip was for non-rollercoaster goers but we've promised her and Brax another trip down and we will ride all the big ones! I love big coasters but its been a few years since I've gotten to do them all in one day...guess we will see how I hold up! Eek! 
I decided to save some time and money both and pack a picnic. It ended up being a fabulous idea, as we were able to eat and get going within just a few minutes of being there! 

Tylee discovered the face-painting store last time we were there and that was the first stop that the littles wanted to make. Brecca thought she was too old to get hers done, already a middle-schooler! 
First look! 
After the face-painting, we went and rode some rides and played some games in the Grand Exposition. A lot of them were pretty mild for Brecca but when I asked her if she was having fun, she said she just liked being there. I'm with ya girl, I love this place! 

Those smiles above were before the Huck and Finn adventure ride - the only ride that my Mom wanted to do. We all knew that you got wet on that ride but didn't think we'd get soaking wet. WRONG! Just a few seconds in Tylee realized her face paint was GONE and the tears started to fall. Everyone was soaked and miserable but we could not stop laughing. Way to go, Mom! Everyone recovered and since we were already wet, decided to ride Brecca's favorite ride, The Lost River. Twice! 

After a few more rides, we finished up with some Dippin Dots and talked about how we squeezed more in to those 6 hours than we typically do in 10! There is usually 12 or more of us all with different agendas so it was nice to focus on just a few kids for once! Brecca rode 3 rides that she had never done before (and has been there 10+ times) and the littles had the best day ever! 
After we wrapped things up at Silver Dollar City, we headed to Lamberts to soak up all the fun we could get out of the day! We were all wet and pretty rough looking but figured lots of people stop by Lamberts after a trip to good 'ol SDC!  
Such a fun day with the people I love and I cannot wait to get our use out of that Season Pass and head back! Summer here we come! 


School is out for the Summer!

Another year has flown by! I cannot believe that it is officially summer! Tylee had such a great school year. She thrived academically and is doing so, so well. (Her favorite day of the week is Sunday because that means she has a full week of school ahead of her to learn about history!) Needless to say, she was sad that First Grade came to an end. 
I always just expected Tylee to be a good student. The thought that she may not be never crossed my mind. I was always book smart and never had to try very hard to get A's in school. TJ is incredibly street smart and knows about things that I wouldn't have ever have even thought about. Thankfully, Tylee inherited both of those traits from us. She left Kindergarten knowing how to read and her comprehension took off in 1st grade. Her test scores were (literally) off the charts and she actually got a gifted recommendation mid-year. Talk about proud parents! After extensively researching the program and its qualifications we decided to wait and see what 2nd grade brings, possibly testing her mid-year. Currently, she is reading books about Abraham Lincoln for fun and knows more about the solar system than I do - and that was my favorite subject! To say we are blessed is an understatement - 1st grade treated us well! 
Her BFF, Charli
Her teacher, Mrs. Roberts

Her maturity has taken off as well. The girls at work have kids 2 years older than Tylee and I remember when they were in 2nd grade. I always thought, "Now THAT is the age!" Their kids could get their own snack, sat quietly in the chair and read their book, held adult conversations, and were just all around good kids. Tylee has came so far since starting school and I'm seeing more and more glimpses of a mini-adult in her. I love those moments where we can just talk like friends and have totally normal conversations about anything and everything.

Some before and afters: 

Not much change this year! 


Field Day!

P.E. Day was something you looked forward too all year long in Chanute. When the end of the year starting inching closer, it was ON to see who could run the fastest, who was the strongest, and which teams you would get to be on. Relays were formed and practices were held, all with the anticipation of the big day! P.E. Day holds some great memories for me. 

Tylee's school? Not so much. I wasn't planning on going but decided to surprise her at the last minute. She was happy to see me but I was sorely disappointed. There was a parachute (my favorite!) and tug-of-war (another favorite!) but other than that, it was all just a glorified recess. She didn't seem to mind but I can't lie, there is an inkling of sadness in me that she won't have the same memories as I do. 


Mokan Dragway

Every year we plan on going to Mopar Days at Mokan Dragway around Pittsburg and something always comes up. We were just sure it wouldn't work out this year but apparently the stars aligned and we were able to go! Mokan was somewhere that TJ and I went when we first started dating and it was always a good time. I guess life got in the way and we stopped going but it was fun to take "Greeny" over to show Tylee and reminisce! 

Initially, Tylee was not impressed and I was very thankful I had packed half of the house to keep her entertained! 

As soon as the truck was unloaded, the trailer became her stage! 

She did like walking around, the snack bar, and whenever Daddy raced but those moments were short lived. It was fun to show her our old stomping grounds but I don't think she is in any hurry to go back! Maybe we will leave her with Grammy next time....although she was pretty entertaining!