Hoppy Easter!

I love Easter. 1)For the religious aspect - reminding us what Jesus did for us when he died on that cross and opening up the doors to talk to Tylee about such sacrifice and 2) because it means Spring is officially here! When I was little, Easter kicked off lake season but we haven't really done that with Tylee. Mostly because I rely on my Dad and only go down when he goes down but it is also hard to pass up a fun holiday with cousins. We kicked off the weekend celebration by doing eggs with TJ's Mom on Saturday and spent Sunday in Chanute with my family. 

Tylee skipped right over her Easter basket on Sunday morning and went straight to hunting eggs. 

I didn't do this on purpose but once I took the picture, I remembered a few other pictures I had just like this. That is what I love about blogging.

(2011, 2013, 2015)

After the egg hunting, Tylee found the goodies that the Easter Bunny left for her. She was pretty excited about Annie but even more excited about her new shirt!! (Insert wide-eyed emoji here) 

After we finished up at home, we got around quickly and headed to Grandma Ann's for a brunch. It was the only time everyone could fit something in and I'm really glad we did! The kids had a ton of fun hunting eggs and doing the scavenger hunt that my Mom planned for them. Any day with cousins is a good day! 

After my Mom's deal, we went over to my Dad and Janis' to color eggs. Unfortunately, it was pretty dark in the garage so I don't have any good pictures. I did get a few of them hunting (more) eggs but this post is already very picture heavy! I'll leave you with my very favorite picture of the day, our little family of 3. 
Happy Easter! 

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