Teeth, teeth, and more teeth!

2015 has been a big year for us in the tooth department! It seemed like Tylee was never going to lose any teeth and then all the sudden she lost 3 in just a couple of weeks! The first one basically fell out on its own but the others were more of a challenge. She got the 2nd one to where she could push it all the way forward with her tongue but it was still attached pretty good towards the front. I tried to pull it but don't do very well with loose teeth so thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue. The third one was loose for a long time but Tylee never got it out of there so the adult tooth came in behind it. I knew she needed to get it out of there ASAP so we worked on in this weekend and Tylee pulled it all by herself! So brave! There was lots of blood so I don't think it was quite ready but see how big that tooth is way back yonder? I'm glad it is out so hopefully that little gem can work its way up to where it is supposed to be! If not, braces are going to be in our future! 

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