Disney on Ice

My nieces birthday is in a couple of weeks, so when I saw Disney on Ice was in the area I knew I had to get her tickets. Her and Tylee are pretty much inseparable so of course, Tylee got to tag along. And Lindsey. And my Mom. Girls day!! I knew they would be excited to see all the princesses but most importantly, Ana and Elsa. 

I had gotten them some Frozen bracelets and some goodies for the road trip and without knowing, Lindsey also got them goodies to wear! They were DECKED out! 

Grandma Ann had told the girls she would buy them each something - unbeknownst to her everything was $30 or more! The tickets were cheaper than those wands! That right there is pure joy, though! 

The show was really neat. We had been to Disney on Ice before so I wasn't sure if Tylee would be as mesmerized by this show but it was totally different and we both really enjoyed it! Our seats weren't great but the biggest kicker was that no DSLR's were allowed. Here are the best phone shots I got but they obviously do not do it justice! 
This wasn't Frozen on Ice, it was Princesses and Heroes but Disney obviously knew what everyone wanted to see. The Little Mermaid set was really neat (just as last time) but the Frozen set stole the show! Even I was impressed! 

I love doing things little things like this with Tylee and I hope she remembers it for years to come. She may be spoiled but we sure do have fun!! That is what life is all about. 

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