The Trollope's Take Branson

As I've said here many times, I love, love, love Branson. TJ, on the other hand, not so much. He does enjoy doing things with his family so when I mentioned a little Spring Break trip, he cordially obliged. My goal was to make him love the town and although I'm not certain I was successful, he did mention going back. That is a big step! We headed straight for Silver Dollar City and I couldn't wait to show him all the fun things that we love! The first stop was Tylee's favorite ride - the elephants! He was actually surprised that she would ride them, let alone by herself! I was the exact opposite and was disappointed that she still wanted to ride them, even by herself! Unfortunately, my family doesn't share my love of roller coasters and were both perfectly content on the kiddie rides! 

Tylee has been obsessed with basketball lately so as soon as she saw this game, she just had to do it. I secretly wanted her to lose so we didn't have to carry around a basketball all day but I also didn't want to waste our $10. Lose-lose situation! 
She won! 

After we finished up at the Grand Exposition, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the new area, Firemans Landing. It was packed and since we bought Season Passes, we looked around a bit and got the heck out of dodge! I think it'll be fun once the craziness calms down! 

We typically go to Branson when it is 105 degree outside so face-painting is not an option. We took advantage of the cooler temperatures and this was actually Tylee's first time to ever have it done!

She loved it! 

We stayed down at The Landing and really enjoyed the area. We ate dinner overlooking the river, shopped around a little, and watched the fountains that evening. When we got up the next morning, we hit up Build-a-Bear (so Tylee could spend her money) and headed to the Outlet Malls - a must in Branson! 

We were headed to Dixie Stampede that afternoon but finished up a bit early so had some time to kill before our show started. Again, what else do you do in Branson when you have a little extra time? Go-karts! 
 And Ice cream! 

I've always wanted to go to Dixie Stampede but there is usually 14 of us and it is pretty expensive. I figured Tylee was prime age and who knew if I'd get TJ down there again so I took advantage of being a family of 3 and went ahead and bit the bullet. It was really neat and Tylee loved the horses but I'd say it is a once in a lifetime experience. Been there, done that and we will spend our money on something else next time! 
Tylee was pretty mesmerized and I hope it left her with lasting memories! There was no photography allowed but I know my way around my camera well enough that no one even noticed I was snapping photos. What was the worst they could do? Delete them? 
We wrapped up our day at Bass Pro in Springfield before heading home. It was a pretty fun couple of days and I hope we can do it again soon! 


Disney on Ice

My nieces birthday is in a couple of weeks, so when I saw Disney on Ice was in the area I knew I had to get her tickets. Her and Tylee are pretty much inseparable so of course, Tylee got to tag along. And Lindsey. And my Mom. Girls day!! I knew they would be excited to see all the princesses but most importantly, Ana and Elsa. 

I had gotten them some Frozen bracelets and some goodies for the road trip and without knowing, Lindsey also got them goodies to wear! They were DECKED out! 

Grandma Ann had told the girls she would buy them each something - unbeknownst to her everything was $30 or more! The tickets were cheaper than those wands! That right there is pure joy, though! 

The show was really neat. We had been to Disney on Ice before so I wasn't sure if Tylee would be as mesmerized by this show but it was totally different and we both really enjoyed it! Our seats weren't great but the biggest kicker was that no DSLR's were allowed. Here are the best phone shots I got but they obviously do not do it justice! 
This wasn't Frozen on Ice, it was Princesses and Heroes but Disney obviously knew what everyone wanted to see. The Little Mermaid set was really neat (just as last time) but the Frozen set stole the show! Even I was impressed! 

I love doing things little things like this with Tylee and I hope she remembers it for years to come. She may be spoiled but we sure do have fun!! That is what life is all about. 


Teeth, teeth, and more teeth!

2015 has been a big year for us in the tooth department! It seemed like Tylee was never going to lose any teeth and then all the sudden she lost 3 in just a couple of weeks! The first one basically fell out on its own but the others were more of a challenge. She got the 2nd one to where she could push it all the way forward with her tongue but it was still attached pretty good towards the front. I tried to pull it but don't do very well with loose teeth so thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue. The third one was loose for a long time but Tylee never got it out of there so the adult tooth came in behind it. I knew she needed to get it out of there ASAP so we worked on in this weekend and Tylee pulled it all by herself! So brave! There was lots of blood so I don't think it was quite ready but see how big that tooth is way back yonder? I'm glad it is out so hopefully that little gem can work its way up to where it is supposed to be! If not, braces are going to be in our future! 


Do you want to build a snowman?

Whenever I was little, it snowed all the time. And we got to play in it, all the time. School would get cancelled and the neighborhood kids and I would walk to the school (ironic, huh?) and play all day long. It didn't matter how cold it was, it didn't matter if our parents were home, we just took advantage of being kids and enjoyed our day off! Poor Tylee, it seems like all the stars have to align for that poor kid to get a day in the snow! Of course it has snowed in the past 6.5 years but it typically happens during the week. By the time we get home from school/work, the sun is setting and it is usually too cold to go play. And it seems we've had a lot of ice, sleet, or freezing rain accompanying the snow, along with frigid temperatures! I'm not going out to play with a negative windchill. Sorry Tylee! We finally had the perfect snow this weekend and took full advantage! 
It was so fun to make those memories with her. We had so much fun sledding and building snowmen that I hope the stars can align again before she is too old to enjoy it. This is one experience I'd rather not be once in a lifetime! 


Snow much fun!