Will you be my Valentine?

I could tell the second I walked in to Tylee's classroom that she wasn't feeling well. It became obvious to everyone after her teacher gave them the go ahead to dig into their sacks and Tylee left hers alone. Poor girl! 

She did perk up a bit to play the game that we made, after all, she had her cup picked out and was determined to get that exact one! 


We went straight to Urgent Care after school and they immediately said Tylee had strep throat. This was only the 2nd antibiotic that she has ever been on in her 6 short years so I wasn't sure how it would work for her. We needed it to work fast because the Father/Daughter dance was the next day and I could tell Tylee definitely wasn't up for going if she felt like this. The dress was bought, hair appointment made, and her and Daddy had a special night planned! So, Valentines Day 2015 wasn't much fun but we had high hopes that our weekend would turn around! 

(Riveting stuff, huh? But I am doing better of getting my DSLR out and blogging!)

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