Father/Daughter Dance

I usually struggle with the winter blues but I remember being pleasantly surprised last February so have tried to keep that in mind this year. First my birthday, Valentines Day, then the Father/Daughter Dance. March is right around the corner and you know what that means, SPRING! We've had a really good winter thus far and having things planned has really kept the mood light around the Trollope house! We've been talking and planning the Father/Daughter dance for months and were all so excited when the day finally came! (TJ was excited because it meant we would stop talking about it. Tylee and I were excited because it was actually here!) 

She wanted 2 braids down the side and one braid in the back. (Insert wide-eyed emoji here) We agreed to skip the braid in the back but only if hair covered where the two other braid connected. (?) I was a little nervous because she knew exactly what she wanted...and it all sounded a little odd. When it all started coming together, I could tell that she didn't like it. Thankfully, it was only because the top was too poofy. She wasn't happy about how the braids connected in the back but once Erica mentioned glitter, Tylee seemed to forget about that. 

We went out and had a little photo shoot before we ate dinner (Tylee's request - meat and macaroni) and then gave Dad the big reveal. He was so proud of his girl and told her she looked beautiful. I'd have to agree! 
They had a good time at the dance but Tylee was sad that TJ didn't dance with her. He had planned too but got to talking and couldn't get away. I told her that he doesn't dance with me either (unless he is intoxicated and I don't think that would've been appropriate!) and she seemed okay with that. He said she was running around with her friends all night and by the way she looked when she walked in the door, I could tell that lots of fun had been had! 

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