Year in Review 2014

We started January off with some snow. Finally! You had been waiting all winter. 
Of course - snow one day, 60 degree days the next! We took advantage of it and went and spent the day with Papa. 
In February, you signed up and reluctantly participated in a cheer camp through LCHS. You did great and Mommy and Daddy were so proud! 

We also went on our annual trip to KC for Mommy's birthday,

celebrated Valentines Day, 
and you and Daddy went to your very first Father/Daughter Dance. 

We have some unseasonably warm temperatures in April so went camping at Big Hill,  

and followed that up with Easter. 

In May, Mommy went to Orlando for work

and you finished up your Kindergarten year. 

We headed to the lake for Memorial Day

and shortly after left for San Antonio, our first family vacation! 

We came home to the start of a new pool

and got started on the deck right away! 

You had your first slumber party,
and celebrated your 6th birthday with family shortly after. 

We lost our beloved Uncle Andy at the end of June

and had a pretty somber 4th of July. 
We headed to Silver Dollar City to celebrate Nanny's 80th birthday later that month, 

and started first grade in August. 

We made our final trip to the lake over Labor Day

and ended September with Poppy's open heart surgery, that he thankfully recovered from with flying colors. 

We took one last trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park in October - to soak up some sun before winter, 

and celebrated Halloween to wrap up the month. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving in November with our families,

and had a wonderful Christmas. 

(It is pretty eye opening to try to do this post and not have DSLR pictures, so if I make any resolutions this year it is to reunite with her. Here's to 2015!) 

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