Big Milestone

After your kid walks, talks, and starts school - it seems like your blogging material dwindles greatly. There are no more milestones to meet or big news to share. Tylee is a now a little human who inserts jokes into stories appropriately, uses bigger words than I do, and can hold her own in a conversation or all day shopping trip. She is my miniature best friend, the one I choose to spend all my time with, and miss when it is just Daddy and I. Tylee is a late summer birthday so struggled socially Kindergarten. Nothing major but it was hard adjusting to not getting your way all the time! She bickered with her friends and her feelings got hurt easily. It bothered me quite a bit. I've always been someone that got along with everyone and didn't get wrapped up in all the drama. Tylee seemed to be ALL drama but with the help of her teacher, I convinced myself that she just had a little growing up to do. Thankfully, we she was right and Tylee has grown up right before our eyes. She is such a fun-loving, easy going, little girl to be around. I've loved this jump in maturity level and have to say, 1st grade is pretty awesome. Especially when it brings the first milestone that we've had in awhile - our first lost tooth! 

This tooth was loose forever. Possibly months. I rush ordered a tooth-fairy pillow and turns out, I didn't need it for a good 6 weeks. We wiggled and wiggled, brushed, and chewed on anything that may help it come out. My niece lost her first tooth in a pickle on Thanksgiving (that is her story - I'm not sure I ever verified the truth of that) so Tylee was hopeful hers would come out the same way. Thanksgiving passed with no tooth. Finally, Mommy and Daddy had a little date night (mid-January) and of course, 10 minutes after we pulled away from Grammy's, Tylee called and had lost her tooth. I had waited a long time for this moment (most kids lose teeth in Kindergarten) and of course, I missed it. Grammy was pleased as punch though! 

Since it took so long for it to come out, the new tooth was always showing by the time this one came out. No pain, no blood, no tears. No horrible stories about door knobs and strings. It just fell right out. Since this was her first one, Tylee really wanted to keep it. She kept making me promise that the Tooth Fairy would leave it and kept questioning how I knew that the tooth fair was nice. What if she didn't listen? We left a note in the pocket with the tooth and excitedly awoke the next morning to find some money...and the tooth.

My baby girl is growing right up. 

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