Christmas Day

Tylee had quite the struggle deciding what to ask Santa for this year. I love Santa, love Christmas, and love to talk about anything and everything surrounding it. That means I started asking in October what she thought she might be wanting. It changed a hundred times and she finally decided on a little art kit that she saw on TV. I tried and tried to convince her that Santa brings big things but nope! She wanted Graphic Skinz. 
Well, turns out, Santa brought that to the Elks Kids Christmas party - so the thought process had to start all over! Just a few days before Christmas, she finally decided on a rainbow colored pompason chair! Perfect! 

As I've mentioned before, I really struggled with getting my DSLR out this past year. I'm already doing better and am excited to be more intentional with it this year. So...here is all I have from Christmas morning. 

Nice, huh? 

And at my Mom's...

And my Dad's...

I think my sister got some (which is why I was less worried about it) but I'm still disappointed. Oh well, I think Tylee may be one of the most photographed children ever, so it isn't that big of deal. 
We truly had a blessed Christmas and enjoyed every moment of togetherness. Tylee was spoiled rotten and we had a wonderful time with family. What more could you ask for? 


Christmas Eve

My blogging and picture taking has been horrible this year but I did whip out the 'ol DSLR for some Christmas fun! Definitely a wake-up call that I need to do better with my pictures next year. I started prepping for Christmas this year back in early November. I feel like we took full advantage of the season and made the most of our days. With only 4 short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we got the Christmas stuff out early so we could enjoy it as long as possible. We decorated and decorated and decorated some more! Top that off with some Black Friday shopping and we were knee-deep in holiday spirit! 

The days and weeks leading up to Christmas are even more fun for me than Christmas Day. There is always some let-down on Christmas that it is all over so I tend to enjoy the pre-Christmas festivities a little more. The Saturday before Christmas, I put all the finishing touches on the gifts under the tree. I was officially done!  
With the way the holiday fell this year, I had to work on Christmas Eve so thoughtfully planned ahead and got our cookies done early. Tylee usually only lasts a couple of rounds with the rolling and cutting so it is kind of nice to get that out of the way. 

Sticking with tradition, Grammy came out on Christmas Eve to decorate. I think we only made it through about a 1/4 of the tray before we were ready to move on to presents! 

Poor Merle was at the wrong place at the wrong time! 

After the decorating, we had dinner and did presents with Grammy. Tylee chose to do presents last so she could have something to look forward too. She most definitely is my child! After presents, we went to town and looked at lights, then let Tylee open her Christmas jammies before setting out cookies and milk for Santa. Julie and Isabelle got jammies too! 

Tylee went right to sleep that night and woke up about 7am the next morning to the sound of TJ and I talked. We heard her yell from her room, "If you guys don't stop talking, Santa isn't going to come!" Little did she know...he already had! 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!