Tanganyika Wildlife Park

We had some things come up in October and didn't make it to the Tulsa State Fair, which is usually our last ditch effort to enjoy the beautiful weather before winter hits. We also missed a pumpkin patch trip so I was looking for something new to do before we were stuck inside for 4 months. When Tylee was around 2 years old, a friend had told us that he had taken his kids to the zoo in Wichita and they got to feed a giraffe and all kinds of really neat stuff. Later that fall, we decided to go check it out and took Tylee to the Sedgwick County Zoo. Except there were no giraffes to feed. Nice zoo? Yes. What he was telling us about? No. I later learned that he was talking about the Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard and we just now got around to checking it out!
Tylee tends to be somewhat of a chicken so I wasn't sure whether to tell her about the things they offered to prepare her a bit or leave it all a surprise and hope she participated. I ended up looking it up on Instagram on the way and couldn't hold back - it looked like SO MUCH FUN. And luckily for me, she thought so too! She was ALL IN!  
Giraffe Feeding
Lorakeet habitat - definitely freaky! 
Kangaroo petting zoo. The baby in that Mama's tummy ended up coming out and hopping around, then went back in. Coolest thing I've seen! 
And the bunnies...Tylee's favorite part. We are planning on getting a bunny next Spring so she is very interested in bunnies right now! 
Guinea Pig Feeding
Llama Train - which replaced the camel ride that day because the camel decided to take down his trainer and stomp on him. I doubt Tylee ever rides a camel in her life after witnessing that. 
Icecream break! 
Monkey Island
I was the most disappointed in the lemurs, but only because people on Instagram has posted a bunch of selfies with them and such. We were told to sit on the rock and be still while the Lemurs came over to visit us. We had to hold our hands out flat while they walked on us and when I moved my hand to pet one, I got in trouble. Definitely a neat experience but we must've been there on a bad day or something. 
The place was really, really neat, clean, and organized. It wasn't overly busy and we got to spend as much time as we wanted with each animal. I would highly recommend this place to any one that is interested. We've been to 8 Zoo's in 6 years and this is by far the neatest place I've ever been. I should add a disclaimer that it is kind of expensive but definitely a priceless experience if you have little ones! 

These impromptu mini-vacations have become some of my favorite things. Just me and the two people I love the most doing something together as a family. I wouldn't give that up for the world. 

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