Good-bye summer. Hello 1st Grade!

For the first time in 4 years, back-to-school was a cinch in the Trollope household! Tylee school-hopped both years in preschool, then went to a new school for Kindergarten, and finally stayed at the same school for 1st grade. For 3 years we dealt with a new routine, new kids, and a nervous girl. It was such a relief this summer knowing that back to school would be a breeze.
It just so happens that the 1st grade classroom and Kindergarten classroom are connected by a door, so Tylee 100% knew the drill, what to do, and where to go. Cinch, I tell ya. Her first day went great - her teacher was nice and she was so happy to see all her friends again. I really love summer but even I have to admit, it is kinda nice to be back into a routine again.

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Sunni said...

Oh my goodness! Look how much she's grown since last year!