Back-to-school, Back-to-school!

I look forward to our little back-to-school shopping trips but there is always a lingering sad feeling that summer is coming to an end. It is one last get-away before school starts and we say goodbye to summer. Insert sad face here. We myswell make the best of it though and since TJ and I missed our annual anniversary trip to Eureka Springs, we decided to go down there and let Tylee check it out. She loved it! I think we are going to have a hard time going back on future trips without her...we may have to rotate years! 

It was quite a different trip from our norm. Our first stop was for ice-cream (not Bloody Mary's) and to go to the trinket shop, which has a bunny that gives you back your change. We are in the market for a bunny so Tylee was in heaven! 
And then we were back to our motel when it was still daylight...yeah, not normal.
The next day, we headed to Rogers, AR to back-to-school shop. Since it is about the same distance as KC, a lot of people from Parsons go there instead so we decided to check it out for ourselves. It was a really nice area and they had everything we needed! I'd definitely go back but I'm still a Kansas City girl at heart. 
The Frozen Coconut in Rogers - DELICIOUS

Since Tylee gets all of her clothes from my sister, we didn't really need school clothes - just shoes and bows and fun stuff. We did buy a first day of school outfit and it was comical how far off Tylee and I's choices were. I bought both outfits and we negotiated later. 

We made a couple stops in Joplin on the way home, one of which was at Petsmart to get a new Beta. Sweet Sarah jumped to her own death a few months ago and Tylee has been adamant about getting one that looked just like her to replace her. Good thing we hadn't planned on being sneaky and replacing her without Tylee knowing because we couldn't ever find one! 
I'm so glad we started this little tradition because it is such a fun way to wrap up our summer - even if we aren't ready for summer to be over quite yet. 

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