Branson 2014

Not that we need and excuse to go to Branson, but this year we went and celebrated Nanny's 80th birthday. She organized a few things on and around her actual birthday so we couldn't have a big party for her (clever!) but we still managed to celebrate the big 8-0, much to her dismay. 

We planned an extra day so we could have a little more down time and decided to take the littles to Ride the Ducks this year. It is kind of expensive for a group of 15 people and lets be honest, once you ride the ducks - you don't really need to do it again. I've been before when I was little but don't remember going. I was pleasantly surprised. It actually ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip this year.  
Tylee, on the other hand, was scared. Because of course she was. It frustrates me that she is so scared of everything but oh well, hopefully it is just a phase. The entire ride she kept saying, "I wish I wouldn't have come. Please let me off." And right before we splashed down into the water, the driver asked if there was anyone on the boat that wasn't aware it was going into the water and wanted off? Tylee raised her hand. I quickly shoved it back down and off we went! Guess what? It was fun! So fun! Can we do it again, Mom? Please?

We tried something different this year and went to Midnight Madness. The tickets to SDC are only $25 after 5pm so it saved everyone a ton of money. Apparently, everyone else in Branson decided to try Midnight Madness and get in cheaper too and it ended up being a total disaster. Live and learn.
It didn't end up affecting Tylee that much because she likes to ride rides like these: 
so yeah, no love lost there. I, however, love riding roller-coasters and we ran out of time before we got to do much of anything else. Tylee likes the shops as well, and they closed early too. I did get to ride Outlaw Run in the pitch black and I have to say, it was the most thrilling thing I've ever done in my life to date. Let's not mention that I haven't lived on the edge much.

The next day, we headed to Moonshine Beach on Table Rock Lake. This was another new thing that we tried and this ended up being a hit! Our kids are spoiled by our pebble beach at Grand Lake so although it wasn't super thrilling, it was fun to all be together and go at a slower pace for the day. 

We also spent a lot of time at the pool and if you cannot tell by now, Tylee and Brynna are the best of friends. I need to get some pictures of the other kids from Lindsey.

With our extra day built in, we also had some time to relax at the house. It had a beautiful view and we enjoyed having extra time to play board games and get beat by Nanny and Poppy in some games of Pitch. It is hard to play against a couple that has played cards together for 60 years! 

The rest of our time was spent at The Cool Off Water Chute. We used to go there as kids and it is just as fun as it was then! We went there two different days and my pictures are all co-mingled. If you really care, I think some of the kids have on different suits. I think this will become our new tradition over White Water. I think if you ask any of the kids what their favorite part was, this is the answer you'll get! 

We hit up Lamberts on the way home for some throwed rolls and called it a weekend. I love Branson but most of all, I love spending time with my family and so happy Tylee gets lots of quality time with these two.
Happy Birthday, Nanny!