Happy 4th of July!

Or not...if you hadn't guessed that by my lack of posting! 
Since we got our pool a couple weeks before 4th of July, I had high hopes that the deck would be finished and we could stay home and swim over the holiday weekend. However, the deck took foooooreeeevver and wasn't quite done by the weekend, but it was too late to make plans to go to the lake. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away a few days before the 4th as well, so our holiday was definitely overshadowed with grief. To top that off, Tylee had complaints of blisters in her mouth throughout the week and was bad enough to head to the ER on the 3rd of July. We left their with a diagnosis of hand, foot, and mouth disease - which ended all hopes of doing anything fun over the 4th of July. Life can't always be grand, I guess. Thankfully, we live in the country and frequent Grand Lake so it doesn't have to be the 4th of July to shoot fireworks! Here's to next year! 

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