The Trollope's Take Texas, Day 2

We headed towards San Antonio on Day 2 and I was so relieved to just be there already. I was nervous about the drive and all that may entail but truth be told, everything went really well. 
Leaving Ft Worth, with the monkey she had to have at the zoo but hasn't been seen since...

We made it! 

I wasn't really sure what to expect at the RiverWalk but turns out, I'm glad that I had only scheduled 1/2 a day there. It was pretty but is really spread out and it seemed like we walked forever without seeing much. We finally came up on the boat tour, which I had planned to do, so we went ahead and got on the boat and figured we could see everything by water, then know where we wanted to go from there. Well, the tour lasted forever and it was 105 degrees outside so once we got off the boat, we were all pretty much done.
It was my day to pick where we ate and I had researched and chosen the famous Mi Tierra's. We asked for directions and walked, and walked, and walked some more. The food was really good and probably would have been exceptional if we hadn't of walked over a mile in the 100 degree heat to get there. I'm not sure anything is that good.  
Tylee was over the whole thing and couldn't wait to get back to the pool and swim. I can't say that I blamed her. We finished off our day back at the motel and called it a night early to get rested up for Sea World!!

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Sunni said...

My favorite thing about Mi Tierra was the courtyard with all the live entertainment and art/craft vendors. :)