The Trollope's Take Texas, Day 2

We headed towards San Antonio on Day 2 and I was so relieved to just be there already. I was nervous about the drive and all that may entail but truth be told, everything went really well. 
Leaving Ft Worth, with the monkey she had to have at the zoo but hasn't been seen since...

We made it! 

I wasn't really sure what to expect at the RiverWalk but turns out, I'm glad that I had only scheduled 1/2 a day there. It was pretty but is really spread out and it seemed like we walked forever without seeing much. We finally came up on the boat tour, which I had planned to do, so we went ahead and got on the boat and figured we could see everything by water, then know where we wanted to go from there. Well, the tour lasted forever and it was 105 degrees outside so once we got off the boat, we were all pretty much done.
It was my day to pick where we ate and I had researched and chosen the famous Mi Tierra's. We asked for directions and walked, and walked, and walked some more. The food was really good and probably would have been exceptional if we hadn't of walked over a mile in the 100 degree heat to get there. I'm not sure anything is that good.  
Tylee was over the whole thing and couldn't wait to get back to the pool and swim. I can't say that I blamed her. We finished off our day back at the motel and called it a night early to get rested up for Sea World!!


The Trollopes Take Texas, Day 1

A couple years ago, I planned a trip to Texas so that we could take Tylee to Sea World. I had figured fuel mileage, motels, ticket prices, meals - everything budgeted and planned out perfectly. Well, life got in the way and we never took the trip but last week, my Excel spreadsheet was finally put to use. It all came together just as I had planned back in 2011, which was wonderfully. 

Our first stop was the Ft. Worth Zoo. We debated back and forth between the zoo or The Stockyards and finally decided that this trip was for Tylee and she would probably like the zoo better. Tylee did great in the car but that came as no surprise, as she had everything in the world to entertain her. That back seat was stocked as though she was basically sitting in the living room. 
 The #1 thing I've heard about the Ft. Worth Zoo is that it is has lots of shade and picnic areas. That being said, of course we had to pack a picnic! It was perfect. 
 And then it was off to explore all that the zoo had to offer. 
Checking out the map with Daddy.
 We've been to a lot of zoos in Tylee's 5 short years. (Tulsa, Wichita, Tulsa, Omaha, Kansas City, Independence) I think this was the 6th zoo that we've been to so it had a lot of competition. It was beautiful, shaded, organized, and wasn't too spread out. I don't have a bad thing to say about it but Kansas City Zoo is still my favorite. I have a feeling that we just happened to hit KC on a really, really good day and if I went back, it wouldn't be anything our of the ordinary. That is the fun thing about zoos though, you just never know what you are going to get! 

Next up, San Antonio! 


Summer is here!

I had such a crappy winter that I am even more excited that summer is finally here. I enjoy something about every season but nothing compares to the sun-shiny days of June, July, and August. The lake, pool parties, popsicles, flip-flops, tan lines and BBQ's, hell - even mowing the yard! Compare that to the dreary days of January and February when it is dark when you leave the house and dark when you get home - no Thank You! And nothing means "It's summer!" to me more than a weekend at Grand Lake. Bring on the fun! 
Headed straight to Grandma's
We brought some goodies in case it rained, which came in handy. It wasn't your typical Memorial Day with the cooler temps we've had but it was still wonderful to get away and see my family again.
Lindsey and Nathan came down on Sunday but thankfully, Janis brought Brynna down to entertain Tylee with her on Friday night. They were up and doing smoke bombs in jammies by 7am...
and ready to go swimming with their cousin Addie by 8am! 
We waited on Papa to get up and got on the boat around noon. It was cooooold and rough. Not really a fun day on the water, so we cut it short and hoped for a better day on Sunday. 
When the other kids got there on Sunday, you would've thought they hadn't swam or boated in ages. Everyone was pretty gung-ho to get back to the water! 
And that we did! 

I should've learned my lesson by now that the big weekends aren't really the good weekends to go down. I enjoy them because there is always so much family around but they are horrible for boating and swimming! When I was a kid, my lake memories involve finding a spot to park out in the lake and cooking hot dogs on the shore; boating to the bridges and tying up to swim; going out to eat on the water; going to Dripping Springs...just spending the entire day out on the lake. This weekend? I was even sea-sick! I'm hoping to get a few scheduled dates on the calendar for the summer that don't involve holiday weekends but either way, they are all pretty great. 

Welcome summer, I'm glad your here and I hope you can stay awhile!