Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always just been a weekend at the lake for me. The kick-off to summer. And boy, do I love summer!! Such an exciting weekend. Then, when I was 28 years old, I went to Washington DC. Both of my Grandpas served overseas yet in all my 28 years, I never even paused to think of all the soldiers and their families that have sacrificed for our country on Memorial Day. Seeing these monuments and cemetery's, hundreds of thousands of stars, headstones, and names really struck a chord with me. Now, do I not only think about the sacrifices so many choose to make on Memorial Day, I think of them often in my day to day life. Thank you will never be enough, but it's all I've got. 

(pictures from my trip to DC)


Last Day of Kindergarten

Tylee's last day of Kindergarten was today and I'm happy to report, there were no tears! This is the first year that we know for certain we will be back to this school next year, so it hasn't been as sad as years in the past. 
Tylee has thrived in school this year. We haven't ever really pushed her academically and thankfully, it has all came naturally for her. Of course I want her to be at the top of her class but most importantly, I just don't want her to struggle. I want school to be fun and easy for her. And it is, thus far. 

We were also blessed with a fabulous teacher this year. Her preschool teacher had set the bar high but her teacher this year more than exceeded our expectations. She was not only a wonderful teacher for Tylee, but a dear friend to me. I love being involved in Tylee's school and I felt like I could email, call, or text her teacher 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She was just fabulous. 

Tylee went into the year knowing most of her letter sounds and came out knowing how to read. She can read anything and everything she wants to, which is sometimes handy and sometimes not. :-D She ended Kindergarten with test scores placing her at the end of first grade and the only thing that stopped her was comprehension.  

She did struggle socially this year. She is used to getting her way and when her friends didn't follow her rules, she got her feelings hurt a little. I went back and forth about what the actual problem was but after hanging out with her and her two BFF's, I think it just comes down to the fact that she still has some growing up to do. She is one of the younger ones in her class and until this year, hadn't had much interaction with other kids. I know she has a good heart and good intentions but just doesn't quite know how to put it all together. It will come, I'm sure of it. 
So with that, we close another year. Man, time flies. I'm really looking forward to 1st grade and all that it entails but first, bring on summer!! 

Before and afters: 
(She must've grown 4 inches!)