Happy Easter!

Tylee got a new bike from the Easter Bunny when she was almost 3 years old and I thought it suited her perfectly, until she rode it to school and the girls at work laughed because she was riding a 12-inch bike. I'd like to say that she never rode it or we don't have much pavement - but the honest truth is that it literally never crossed my mind. However, bikes are expensive and we hated to just take her to Wal-mart and buy a bike for no reason. Enter, the Easter Bunny. 
TJ got called to work Saturday morning so the Easter Bunny came a day early. Tylee loved her new bike and has since proclaimed herself a bike riding fool. After examining everything in her basket, we got around and headed to Chanute for the day. Does it get much cuter than this? 

My Mom had a great idea and gave each kid a colored basket, in which they were to fill with coordinating eggs. This really helped even things out and gave the smaller kids a fair shot. 
The best of friends!
Sunday came and Daddy was still at work, so we post-poned any other Easter celebrations until he could celebrate with us. Tylee was relentless on coloring eggs, with our without Grammy, and lets be honest - what Tylee wants, Tylee gets. Coloring eggs is definitely one of those things that I looked forward to doing with my kids that isn't all it was cracked up to be, but we had fun none-the-less.

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend that ended with a tray full of beautiful eggs in which Tylee would ask, "Do you love it or adore it?" because she knew it was nothing short of spectacular. 

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