Happy April Fools!

(If you are reading this on a feeder, you are going to see it a year late. I just went to link it to a new post and realized I hadn't ever published it!) 

My friend Audrey is a pro at making fun food for Halloween and April Fools. I've been eyeing her from afar for awhile but finally decided that Tylee was old enough to understand a little. First up, frozen cereal...
 and one pissed off kid! She did not think it was funny! 

She did however, like tricking her classmates with "jello" drinks. I guess she doesn't mind it, as long as she is in on the joke! 

Since breakfast didn't go over so well, I decided to let her help with "dinner". Grill cheese...YUM! (Except it was really pound cake with orange frosting...YUM!) 

With cupcakes for desert! (Meatloaf and mashed potatoes)

We had a fun day but lets hope next year goes better and I don't have to play make-up all day with an angry kid! 

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