Happy Easter!

Tylee got a new bike from the Easter Bunny when she was almost 3 years old and I thought it suited her perfectly, until she rode it to school and the girls at work laughed because she was riding a 12-inch bike. I'd like to say that she never rode it or we don't have much pavement - but the honest truth is that it literally never crossed my mind. However, bikes are expensive and we hated to just take her to Wal-mart and buy a bike for no reason. Enter, the Easter Bunny. 
TJ got called to work Saturday morning so the Easter Bunny came a day early. Tylee loved her new bike and has since proclaimed herself a bike riding fool. After examining everything in her basket, we got around and headed to Chanute for the day. Does it get much cuter than this? 

My Mom had a great idea and gave each kid a colored basket, in which they were to fill with coordinating eggs. This really helped even things out and gave the smaller kids a fair shot. 
The best of friends!
Sunday came and Daddy was still at work, so we post-poned any other Easter celebrations until he could celebrate with us. Tylee was relentless on coloring eggs, with our without Grammy, and lets be honest - what Tylee wants, Tylee gets. Coloring eggs is definitely one of those things that I looked forward to doing with my kids that isn't all it was cracked up to be, but we had fun none-the-less.

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend that ended with a tray full of beautiful eggs in which Tylee would ask, "Do you love it or adore it?" because she knew it was nothing short of spectacular. 


Hello, Old Friend

It's hard to come back to this 'ol space of mine and just start right back in after I've been gone so long. So instead, I'll share a few pictures of a little camping trip that we recently took and promise to be back next week.


Happy April Fools!

(If you are reading this on a feeder, you are going to see it a year late. I just went to link it to a new post and realized I hadn't ever published it!) 

My friend Audrey is a pro at making fun food for Halloween and April Fools. I've been eyeing her from afar for awhile but finally decided that Tylee was old enough to understand a little. First up, frozen cereal...
 and one pissed off kid! She did not think it was funny! 

She did however, like tricking her classmates with "jello" drinks. I guess she doesn't mind it, as long as she is in on the joke! 

Since breakfast didn't go over so well, I decided to let her help with "dinner". Grill cheese...YUM! (Except it was really pound cake with orange frosting...YUM!) 

With cupcakes for desert! (Meatloaf and mashed potatoes)

We had a fun day but lets hope next year goes better and I don't have to play make-up all day with an angry kid!