Happy Day of Love!

For the past few years, I've just made Tylee a personalized Valentine without asking her approval. This year, I grudgingly showed her the SpongeBob Valentines in the isle at Wal-Mart and silently prayed that I'd influenced her enough to choose one with a photograph of her beautiful little self. I'm happy to report that we made it one more year without a cheesy themed Valentine. I know they are coming sooner rather than later, so I relished in my joy whilst designing one last homemade card.  
I also spotted little Valentine cups in a flyer that came with our Goldfish, but thankfully, she was on board with those right away. Homemade heart crayons, sacks, ribbon, and hours later, our Valentines were complete and ready to take to school.
Guess who didn't take a picture of the finished product? Hm-mh.
We had such a great day. I got flowers at work, took cookies to Tylee's party at school, then had a super fun date night with the hubs. For a made-up Hallmark holiday, it sure is fun to celebrate.

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