Father/Daughter Dance

Also known as, the cheapest dance we will ever pay for.
Last weekend, Tylee's school hosted a Father-Daughter Dance and since we only have one kid to spoil, I went all out. It was the exact thing I've dreamed about ever since I first heard the words, "It's a girl!"
She wanted her hair to look like Elsa's from Frozen. It wasn't quite long enough but I think Erica did a fabulous job. Tylee was thrilled with it as well.
Her hair appointment was pretty early so it was a long day of yelling, "Be careful."
The inner-photographer in me wanted to get some pictures of her all dolled up. Everything was so drab that I struggled to find a good spot but I guess that made her sparkle that much more!
 Tylee requested a special dress and wanted TJ to wear a Tuxedo. When we told her that probably wouldn't work, she ran and got a picture that she has of her and my Dad from her room and he has on a tuxedo t-shirt. She said, "Daddy can wear this!" And he did.
The dance wasn't quite what we thought it would be. No DJ, lights on, and just some old country songs playing off a computer...but Tylee had a ball and that is all that matters.

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Sunni said...

I love it...all of it!