Christmas Morning

TJ and I were up early on Christmas morning but we didn't have to wait long before Tylee ran in our room asking if Santa had came. She was happy to see her American Girl Doll, Julie, which looked a tad creepy under the tree.
 I'm thinking by the time I was Tylee's age, I was digging under the tree every chance I got counting presents, writing what I thought they were on the tag, and making sure my brother or sister didn't have more. Tylee didn't seem to care this year so once they were wrapped and organized under the tree, that is where they stayed. This made a nice surprise for her come Christmas morning, when she realized how many she had!
Legos, a Scrapbook, new Markers, Sorry, a Charm It bracelet, necessities (socks, underwear, jammies, hat, gloves, and scarf), a Lalaloopsy, and last but not least, a matching set of Jammies for her and Julie. Spoiled Rotten!

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