Christmas Eve

Last year on Christmas Eve, Tylee lasted all of 5 minutes in the cookie making/decorating process. This year I planned ahead a little better and we made the cookies on Monday, leaving the decorating to do with Grammy on Tuesday.

Fake smile 101
Tylee woke up bright and early on Christmas Eve and couldn't hardly wait for Grammy to get there. Finally, after the longest day of her life, we had our first Christmas of the year. First up: cookie decorating.
Thank goodness we had done the cookies early because we only got through about half of them before Tylee was tired and wanted to move on to presents. Sugar cookies freeze well, right?
 Next up: presents! Grammy got Tylee the most annoying cat ever, Daisy, a furr-real friend. Thank goodness it was made with an off switch!
Merle wasn't sure what to think!
 After presents, we made home-ade pizzas and although they weren't fancy or traditional, they were lots of fun! Tylee isn't a big pizza fan but usually eats her pizza whenever she makes it herself.
I never joined a blogger Holiday Home tour this year but am glad I took the time to snap at least a couple pictures of my décor.
After pizza, we loaded up and went to look at lights. We had a little ice-storm the weekend before Christmas and our internet was down ,so I downloaded the Norad Santa app on my phone. We were in town looking at lights, checking my phone every 30 seconds, and seeing Santa in Russia - then suddenly he appeared on a roof (same roof every year)! Tylee was neeerrrvous and wanted to get home and get to bed ASAP. We came home and put out the reindeer food, put out cookies for Santa, and headed to bed!
 TJ and I stayed up and watched A Christmas Story waiting for Tylee to fall asleep, yet she kept coming out worrying that Santa wasn't going to come because we were awake. Finally, once the tears started falling, we set our alarms and went to bed as well.

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