A day with family...

is always a good day!
I've had the Winter Blues the last couple of months so have been trying to soak up as much sunshine as I can on these nice days. I had the best summer, which probably hasn't helped with my lack of sun and Vitamin D levels this winter. Thankfully, we live in Kansas so a stretch of 20 degree highs and snow will be followed by a week in the 50's with sunshine. Thank you sweet baby Jesus, I'll take it!
Last weekend, Tylee and I headed to Chanute to spend the day with my Dad. Call me redneck, but a day with the kids in Papa's garage is usually just what the doctor ordered. They had fun shooting Tylee's BB-Gun, while I enjoyed my time in the lawn chair watching Papa teach 5 kids 12 and under how to shoot a BB-Gun. Now that's entertainment!