Finley Family Christmas

We did the Finley Christmas a little different this year and I think it was a HIT. When I was growing up, there were 10 adults and 13 grandkids for Grandma Katy to buy for and she shopped all year long in order to have it all done in time for Christmas. I cannot imagine buying for 23 people, let alone all the spouses and great grand-kids we've added. The past several years, she was buying for well over 50 people and it all just became too much. Understandably.

Grandma decided not to buy this year and we all encouraged her not too. She was worried about the little kids so we drew names amongst the second cousins. Instead of having it at the Pavilion, the place I've been going my entire life for Gma's Christmas, we had it at my cousins gym, The Launching Pad. Guess what? No one even noticed the lack of presents. We all got to visit, the kids got to play, and my cousin Casey got to show off his American Ninja Warrior skills.
Tylee and Brynna in the bounce house.
 I told Tylee we were going to a Gym and she should wear sweats and tennis shoes but she insisted on a dress and her cowgirl boots. The boots came off and her dress ripped within 5 minutes of being there but I couldn't keep my girly-girl at bay.
 We love you, Grandma!

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