Elks Kids Christmas Party

Typically, Tylee is very intuitive and doesn't let much by her but one thing that has surprised me this Christmas season is her whole-hearted belief in Santa. Usually the simplest things catch her attention or cause questions, but with Santa, they haven't. For instance, seeing multiple Santas. The Santa below was older and had glasses and the Santa for pictures was dark-skinned and didn't have glasses. Then we go to the mall and see a totally different Santa with a real beard and long straight hair and I really, really thought she would put it all together. I didn't get one question about it. She 100% wants to believe, and I love it.
The Elks Kids Christmas Party was our first encounter with Santa this year and she was so excited. She couldn't hardly make it through the magic show to give Santa the pictures she had made him.

He was thrilled and so nice about it.

Santa brought her a baby Lalaloopsy, which just came out and she hadn't ever seen so it totally blew her mind. This was definitely a great way to start our Christmas Season!

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