Tulsa State Fair/Disney on Ice

I'm the worst blogger ever. Taking pictures and blogging used to be a fun hobby for me but it seems like I never know what to say anymore. I am usually just writing posts in order to get my pictures uploaded to blogger (AKA, saved on the internets) so I can delete them off my camera before the next big event. (Spoiler alert: pumpkin patch this weekend.) Maybe one day I'll find my groove again but until then, I'll just keep chugging along posting pictures of the major events in our life.   
Way back at the beginning of October, we took our annual trip to the fair. (Click here to see: 2010, 2011, 2012) The next week, Tylee wrote a story about it...but ran out of room after declaring the title.
"The title is The Girl Went to the Fair."
Anyways, we pulled Tylee out of school on Monday so that we could do our yearly ritual of going when no one else is there; thus parking super close, not fighting any crowds, and not dealing with any lines. The problem is that I also bought us Disney on Ice tickets for Sunday, which just happened to be at the fair grounds. Oops. It never occurred to me that going to Disney on Ice at the fair meant driving around for hours finding a parking spot, fighting the huge crowds, and waiting in long lines. Exxxacttly what we always avoid by going on a Monday. Note to self: Never go to any performance that is in conjunction with the fair again.
Since we were already there and had driven around for an hour looking for a $10 spot to park, we decided we would just squeeze in what we could and not mess with it all again on Monday. First up, the pony rides.  
Not sure why they still have such a big appeal but I think this is Tylee's favorite part about the fair. Maybe one day she will realize that the food is actually the best part, not the horses! After the 30-second-$12-pony-ride, we headed towards the petting zoo...but turned around as soon as we saw the line. We had recently been to Deanna Rose and didn't need to stand in line for 45 minutes to pet some goats. Tylee was so stoked to go see some real-life princess' that she didn't even care.  
The hallways of the coliseum had Tylee mesmorized! It was princess stuff galore! She got to pick out one thing because as all things Disney go, everything was crazy over-priced. After lots of back-and-forth, she picked an Ariel necklace and we headed in to watch the show!  
Eric from The Little Mermaid on the boat
Flounder, Ariel, and Sebastian
The Tangled set

Tylee loved the entire first half of the show but it lasted over 2 hours and she got a little ancy towards the end. TJ and I were ancy within the first 30 minutes but to see her so happy, was worth every second. When it was finally over, we headed back out to the fairway to see what else we could squeeze in before Tylee crashed. We played a few games, rode a couple rides, got some fried pickles, and called it a night.
Thankfully, we squeezed just enough in that she didn't ask about going back the next day. Next year, we will definitely be skipping the Disney show and crowd on Sunday and going back to our simple, quiet, day at the fair on Monday.

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