Ear-piercing, the first time

I have wanted to get Tylee's ears pierced since the day she was born. I would've said "before she was born" but we didnt' know that she was a "she" until she came out. I didn't want to get them pierced because I think babies with pierced are cute (which I do), but more-so because I would've rather gotten it done when she didn't know any better and couldn't chicken out. Less drama. TJ thought otherwise though and wanted her to be able to make that decision on her own. So here we are, 5 years later.
I've asked her a lot about getting them pierced to no avail. Brecca doesn't have hers done either so I've even bribed them to get them pierced together. No such luck. But yesterday, she walked into my office after school and said, "Can I get my ears pierced? Aubrie said it didn't hurt."

I called Wal-mart and asked if there were two people available to pierce them at the same time, but there wasn't. Of course. I needed a few things anyways and figured I'd see how Tylee was holding up when we got there, so off we went.

I had mixed feelings about doing them one at a time. She was ready to do it for the first time in 5 years and I should probably take advantage while she was on board...but what if she only got one done and was scared to do the other one? There are worse things that could happen, right? She saw some earrings she wanted right away (ugly ones, btw) and was 100% ready. She was calm and collected and seemed to have no fear, so I went ahead and told her the truth - It was going to hurt. It wasn't going to feel good. And after they did one, she HAD to, no matter what, do the other. She was still on board so I gave the lady the go ahead and she started getting everything ready. Tylee sat there like a champ.
It was finally time. Tylee squeezed my hand, happy as can be, and the lady fired the gun. "Ouch!" Tylee said. "It is stuck," said the lady. You have got to be kidding me. I looked up (in what felt like slow motion) and saw lady wiggling the gun...with Tylee's lobe still attatched to it. I looked back at Tylee, still no tears. "Ooooouch," Tylee said again. And it was over. The lady pulled the gun AND the earring out. Tylee had successfully gotten her ear pierced, blood and all, yet didn't have an earing in to show for it. Heart broken.
"Her lobe is too thick. The back didn't clasp. I don't know what happened. Maybe she needs a longer stud? Yah, how about this diamond stud? Maybe the back was messed up? I'm sorry. You can try again in 24 hours. It should close right up and shouldn't be a problem. I'm really sorry. Why don't you come back tomorrow when someone else is here? Would you like to keep the earrings or get your money back?" Both, please.
I told Tylee over and over again how brave she was and how sorry I was. She was definitely disapointed but was so grown-up about the whole ordeal. TJ and I both were pretty flustered about it and were discussing it again over dinner. Tylee chimed in mid-conversation and said, "Sometimes accidents happen, Mom." So very true, but that still doesn't help the fact that she doesn't want to go back until she is older and isn't scared anymore. Even a bribe with a trip to the mall didn't work. Guess we'll give it another 5 years...


Sara said...

OMG! I cannot believe that happened! I had my ears pierced in Kindergarten but was allergic to the posts and took them out to heal. I never got them pierced again! Good luck on seeing if she'll do it again. I would have freaked out when they said the gun was stuck. What a little trooper for not crying!

Sunni said...

Wow! What a mess! [sigh] I can't decide which is worse...the fact that that situation actually happened to her or that you have a daughter who does not fall for bribes. [private prayer: please, God, never take away my children's ability to be bribed by me. Amen]

;) sorry, Tylee.

Sunni said...

BTW, my parents made me wait until first grade and the very day I got them pierced apparently I came down with the flu. I puked in my sleep that night and it got all over/in one of my ears. I, too, had to remove the earrings and wait a while before I could get them re-pierced. Awful.