Last Hoorah

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen that our summer has included a whirlwind of activities. That is one of the things that I love about Instagram, you can look back through several months worth of memories in just a couple of swipes. Unfortunately, the reason Tylee and I have been running wild the past couple months is because Daddy has been away at work. Since summer was coming to an end, we decided we better fit in a little family vacay before school started. And since Tylee doesn't want to fly, go to Disney World (see #1), go to Sea World (sharks!), or swim in the ocean (see #3), Kansas City it was!
Our first stop was Deanna Rose Farmstead. We've been there before and I've been trying to squeeze in another trip ever since. I loved it but TJ was worried Tylee may be a little too big now. It is basically free, so we decided to check it out one last time.  
She wasn't too old but possibly at the upper-end of the age range for optimum enjoyment. The goats were probably her favorite part and those fish were right up her alley! It ended up being a beautiful day and we were so happy we went. Hopefully we can go back with the little cousins sometime again before Tylee completely outgrows it, because I will definitely be sad to see our Farm days come to an end.

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