Labor Day Weekend

A bit late but better late than never, right?
As usual, Tylee and I headed to the lake for Labor Day this year. I cannot believe summer is basically over and I've only been down 3 times. I usually go when my Dad goes and he hasn't been down much either - maybe that is why. Lindsey's three big kids joined us, which makes things a lot easier on me. (Free babysitting!) All kidding aside, this time with all of Tylee's cousins are truly priceless.
Have you ever seen a happier dog?
We swung by Serenity Point to get some gas and let the kids play on their water toys. All the kids (and me!) have agreed to give up their Christmas presents if Papa will buy us a water mat. They loved it and I think it would be a great addition to the beach. (Hint, hint Papa!)
The best part of the weekend (for all involved) was that Bubby, Erin, and Lowen came down early Sunday morning. Lowen loved the lake and the kids loved having him there. I mean really, what's not to love?
By Monday morning everone was pooped, including Merle! 2 full days on the water always takes a lot out of ya but that is what I love about long weekends. Not to mention, 4 out of 5 of the kids were sick at some point during the weekend. We still made the most of it and although I'm sad to see summer go, I'm always ready for fall.
Bring on the football, sweatshirts, and soups! I can't wait.

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Sunni said...

Sweet, sweet pictures! (I'm waaaaaaay behind on blogger and I hate that about me right now).