Kansas City Zoo

The next stop on our mini family vacay (after a full day of shopping and eating on Sunday) was the Kansas City Zoo. Tylee just turned 5 and this is the 4th zoo that she has been too. We've been to the Tulsa Zoo a couple different times but I think it is safe to say that Kansas City has been our favorite thus far. It is so hard to judge because I think it depends on the crowd and the animal activity but this has been our best experience to date. We got there, paid, and walked 10 foot to see the Sea Otters, both of which were out and started "playing" with Tylee. That was the first sign of a good day.
(Who can believe I let her wear those socks in to the zoo?)
A few steps later, was the Polar Bear Passage and that bear was in prime form!  
He kept doing circles and coming right up to the window doing trick-after-trick. It was nothing like I'd ever seen before.
I think the reason we had such a great day was because all of the animals seemed to be out and where you could see them. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here!  
This could probably be a whole different post but I'm still not loving this age. I'm hoping that Kindergarten will up Tylee's independence/maturity/spoiledness and we will come out of this year with a different kid. She is very moody and we rarely get through an entire day without a fit/mood swing of some sort. I just thought by 5 years old that she would be a happy-go-lucky-kid that was running around playing and enjoying our day at the zoo. Not the case.
I have no idea why she even got mad but usually once she gets in a funk, it ruins the rest of our day and she cannot recover. Thankfully, on this day, she was able to come out of it...
...after the elephants.
We were lucky enough to see the Elephant Training session, which wasn't overly neat but meant that they had all the elephants lined up in one spot and we got to see them up close and personal.
 (At least in this one I know she was mad because I was sneaking a picture of her.)
We saw the Gorilla (kinda, he was the only animal that was hiding and is my favorite, dangit!) and the Zebras and Giraffes, who were just grazing in a large field and I didn't have my zoom lense. We got lucky again and caught the Hippo feeding/show on the way out.  
It is a pretty spread out zoo but what zoo isn't, really? We were all 3 exhausted by the time we were finished but it was the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend with my family!

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