Happy Birthday, Tylee!

Tylee was so excited about her birthday this year but had a hard time picking a theme or location. She went back and forth between a Princess party (already had one), a Spongebob party (Mom was discouraging), a Barbie party (she doesn't even play with them), or a Lalaloopsy party (already had one). The bigger decision was where to have it - the Independence Zoo, a pool, our house, or the park. She was finally sold when we went to the park to play on a Tuesday night and the train was running. Her birthday was on a Tuesday and the train ran on Tuesdays...decision made!
She decided on a Barbie-theme, for lack of something better. She really likes Monster High but they are dark colors and there was no way she was having a black cake and balloons - even if it was a theme she actually had some interest in. Oh well. I ordered a box of Barbie stuff on Party City, handwrote some invites, and called it good. She was so excited when that box came! 
The weather was wonderful all the way up to her party and I kept my fingers crossed it wouldn't change. June birthdays usually make for some HOT parties but we've made due the last 4 years. I was thankful the high was in the upper 80's the day of her birthday but was worried when my car almost blew off the road on the way to work. Unfortunately, the wind never let up and really put a damper on all my decorations. So much for cute pictures but its the memories that count, right?

 We invited mostly family, a couple friends, and got some big subs from Wal-mart with chips. We played a game of Pin the Glasses on Barbie - Tylee's only request for her party, had a pinata with lots of goodies, ate cake, and had great company!
I'm not even sure who won... 
Tylee didn't even notice the wind (or lack of balloons, wet candy from draining the cooler, subs that were about to blow off the table, the fact that I didn't get a single picture of our party favors or the cute plates and napkins I'd ordered because the table cloths were blowing up and knocking everything off so most everything had to stay put in the box) and simply had fun playing with her friends. Life at 5-years old is so simple. I should take lessons.
Happy Birthday, my loves!
(TJ and Tylee share a birthday but he totally gets overshadowed. Poor guy!)

Lalaloopsy #40 (I think)

After all the festivities, I noticed that the train never ran. That darn train was the entire reason we had the party where we did! Oh well. At one point we found Tylee and the girls on her new iPad and Cooper (the poor lonely boy because Brax had baseball) on TJ's phone. We quickly took away the electronics and had to remind them to PLAY!  
Which they quickly did.

The night ended with Tylee's Barbie ballon flying away and this being the only picture I got of her with her #5 balloon. In the end, it was still a very successful evening and Tylee had a great 5th birthday!  
I cannot believe my baby is 5. Time flies!


Sara said...

Looks like a great party! I love having park parties because the entertainment is built in and if someone spills their juice or cake it's not on my floor! Mother Nature will clean it up. ;)

Darci said...

Happy Birthday, Tylee (and TJ)! She is getting so big! The party looked like alot of fun, even though you must have been upset at the lack of decorations - you love your themed parties! The picture of TJ and Tylee is adorable! It should be in a frame on your desk!

Sunni said...

Great photos. Great times. O.m.g...TJ posed for a picture! That is a fantastic photo that should definitely be framed. You are so right...the innocence of being 5 is mind-boggling, huh? Happy belated birthdays T&T!

Jen said...

Happy birthday Tylee!! I had to laugh because I totally had to discourage the Spongebob party for Sofie's 5th birthday this year too! Lol Her party was also supposed to be at the park but we got rained out so I stayed up all night the night before putting together a makeshift party at our house. Turned out to be the least Pinteresty and most fun party we've had. Lesson learned by mommy! ;-)