4th of July weekend, continued

After our trip to the lake, we returned home to attend an annual 4th of July party that we always go to on Saturday. Some of my very favorite people are at this party, so it is always a good time.
Tylee, in her Stars and Stripes
We had yet to get the camper out this year so TJ pulled it to Parsons Lake on Sunday morning, which is only 1/2 mile from our house. We just needed to get it opened up and make sure the air conditioner was still working and everything was functioning as it should be. Thankfully, it was.  

That evening, a couple of guys rode by on some horses and offered to take Tylee for a ride. I really didn't think she would go but she hopped right on and he walked her around the campground. She was in heaven!

 We finished off the night with some fishing and smore making, followed by some more swimming at a friends pool on Monday. I cannot name one thing that was missing from this 4th of July weekend, which definitely clarifies it as one of the best weekends ever.

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