Independence Zoo

40 days without posting - I doubt I still have anyone reading this old thing. Nonetheless, I'm still going to blog about Tylee's field trip. Last Monday, over 200 preschoolers and a handful of adults ventured to Independence to the Zoo. I was one of the lucky adults that got asked to ride the bus and was therefore responsible for Tylee, as well as 2 other girls. I probably lost them over 30 times. Oops! Definitely not cut out to be a preschool teacher...
(Mrs. Hansen's morning and afternoon class, combined)
TJ, Tylee, and I have been to this park/zoo several times before, but it was much more fun with her classmates. I love to watch her interact with the other kids and it makes me happy to see her being so compassionate. She has a lot of sass and is pretty bossy at home and with her cousins, but when she was with her peers, she was a happy care-free 4-year old that was just along for the ride. I was a very proud Mama, that day.
My pictures are pretty sporadic because I don't know very many of these kids and don't feel comfortable posting pictures of other people's kids on my blog, but here are a couple of girls with parents that I do know. Aren't they so cute?
All the zoo animals were out that day, which is rare for this little zoo. The entire walk-through was pretty entertaining, except for the fact that my other 2 students kept running from me!
I had a great day with my little preschooler and am so happy that I have the flexibility with my job to be able to do things like this with her. Only a few days left!

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Sunni said...

Precious photos, precious moments! I'm sure it is so heart-warming to see the different sides to her personality and how she's growing up. Such fun times!