Memorial Day

We finally made it down to the lake this past weekend. Last year, I think we'd been 2 or 3 times by now but this cool weather has been crazy! We usually stick around Parsons on Memorial Day for Katy Days but since we hadn't been to the lake yet, it was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle pretty bad on Friday night so walking around and snapping pictures was a lot harder than it should have been. I think this is the least amount of pictures on a lake post, ever. 
Tylee and her 2nd cousin, Addy
Looking for lizards with Papa. (See the hole under that railroad tie? Yah. Sprained ankle.)
Aren't these girls beautiful? I didn't even edit either one of their eyes.
Fun on the beach! Coooold water!
Merle is a very, very lazy dog so this was a tiring weekend for him!
And our good-bye pictures.
Thankfully, my ankle didn't cause me to miss much. It was a pretty low-key weekend but it was great for the first trip down of the year. My Dad should have his boat down there next time, my ankle should be healed, and hopefully the water will actually be swim-able. I am ready for a real Kick-off to Summer, not this crazy 80 degree weather and rain!


Last Day of Preschool

As most of you know, sending Tylee to preschool this past year was a really hard decision for me. As most things that I tend to stress out about for no reason go, it has been a wonderful experience.  She has made several good friends and is thriving academically. Her teacher told us at this last conference that if she didn't know Tylee had a summer birthday, she wouldn't have ever guessed she was born in June and has no doubts about sending her to Kindergarten. I am not fretting over this decision but it isn't something that we've taken lightly, either. I guess I get some comfort and reassurance from my sister being a Kdgt teacher, one of my best friends being the School Psychologist, and my Mom teaching Elementary school for 27 years. All of these people spend a lot of time with Tylee and all 3 give her the go-ahead. Decision made.
Tylee has loved everything about school this year and I ask her several times a week, "How do you know that?" Most of the time, "I just know" is the answer but it is usually obvious it came from school. At the beginning of the year, Tylee was definitely behind academically. It wasn't because of her intelligence but more-so lack of exposure. I wasn't that worried about her letters and letter sounds because that is what preschool is for. Last year in 3-year old preschool, she learned how to stand in line and walk to the bathroom, sit on the carpet with her hands to herself, how to wait her turn for handwashing, ect. This year, she has learned all her letters and most of her letter sounds, she can count to 20 and beyond, knows 8-10 nursery rhymes (complete with actions), and is very good at grouping things. Just this morning during breakfast she told me that her biscuit was part of the grain-group and the gravy was part of the dairy group. She knows the days of the week, is starting to grasp the concept of money, and is beginning to be concered with time. I cannot wait to see how far she comes next year.
 First day of school, August 2012 - Last Day of School, May 2013
Next year will be the real deal Kindergarten but I feel like this 5-day a week preschool at a regular elementary school has just eased us all in to this transition. Don't quote me on this next August when I'm bawling like a baby because I just dropped my little girl off at Kdgt but right now, I am happy with our decisions thus far. With these last days of preschool coming to an end, we've been savoring our afternoons off with her and all the extra flexibility that preschool brings. We won't have the same luxury's next year but tis the seasons of life. Bring it on, we are ready.  


Independence Zoo

40 days without posting - I doubt I still have anyone reading this old thing. Nonetheless, I'm still going to blog about Tylee's field trip. Last Monday, over 200 preschoolers and a handful of adults ventured to Independence to the Zoo. I was one of the lucky adults that got asked to ride the bus and was therefore responsible for Tylee, as well as 2 other girls. I probably lost them over 30 times. Oops! Definitely not cut out to be a preschool teacher...
(Mrs. Hansen's morning and afternoon class, combined)
TJ, Tylee, and I have been to this park/zoo several times before, but it was much more fun with her classmates. I love to watch her interact with the other kids and it makes me happy to see her being so compassionate. She has a lot of sass and is pretty bossy at home and with her cousins, but when she was with her peers, she was a happy care-free 4-year old that was just along for the ride. I was a very proud Mama, that day.
My pictures are pretty sporadic because I don't know very many of these kids and don't feel comfortable posting pictures of other people's kids on my blog, but here are a couple of girls with parents that I do know. Aren't they so cute?
All the zoo animals were out that day, which is rare for this little zoo. The entire walk-through was pretty entertaining, except for the fact that my other 2 students kept running from me!
I had a great day with my little preschooler and am so happy that I have the flexibility with my job to be able to do things like this with her. Only a few days left!