Purse Party

 Today I'm linking up with some fellow bloggers to share, "What's in your bag?" Funny thing is, I typically don't carry a purse so this is probably the most I've ever had in my bag at one time.
I am a Vera Bradley fanatic, all thanks to my SIL Erin. I have, oh, probably 30+ pieces of VB since I started collecting a few years ago. Tylee has the small duffle and I have the large duffle for trips. I have the DSLR camera bag, several purses, a makeup bag, a beach towel, checkbook cover, several wallets/coin purses, the hanging-travel bag, a blanket, ect. And have you seen the new baby stuff? Swoon! VB has the cutest, most practical, durable bags I've used. Which I know probably doesn't mean much coming from me...since I just said I don't carry a purse. However, their zip-around wallet is so handy, you don't even need a purse! Well worth the money. (Although, I'm trying something new at the moment.)
Now off my Vera Bradley high-horse, what's in my bag?
1. The bag itself is the VB Hipster. Love, love, love.
2. Sunglasses from Gap
5. Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue Perfume
6. Twang Beer Salt
7. My hair guys business card
8. Keys
9. Coozie
And I found this in my side pocket while I was emptying everything out.
I didn't even throw any trash away before snapping the picture! Just don't open that wristlet or look in my drivers seat...those are my catch-all places. Sometimes I think a purse would be handy just to store all my trash! Now I'm curious, what is in your bag?


Easter, Round Two

We woke up Sunday to Easter goodies and a house full of eggs!

Just what we needed...more candy!
Tylee loves her Lalaloopsy dog. She has been walking it around the house and feeding it ever since. (Although I can't say I'm too impressed if you are considering one. Good thing the Easter Bunny paid for it!) 
That Easter fun lasted all of 5 minutes and then the rest of the day I heard, "Is it time to color eggs yet? How about now? Is Grammy coming? When are we going to color eggs?" It was a long day. We usually color eggs before Easter but this is just the way it worked out this year. Tylee colored them with her cousins and Papa Randy in Chanute on Friday night but was still soooooo excited. 
It was such a beautiful day on Sunday and it was the perfect end to a great weekend. Although we do get wrapped up in the showy-side of Easter, Tylee and I also talked a lot about why we celebrate Easter (and Christmas) and boy were her questions HARD. I thought I knew the Easter story well enough to explain it to her but Mrs. Hansen told her that when you don't like someone, you just don't play with them. If the people didn't like Jesus, they should've just found another friend - not kill him. Very good point, Tylee. Why don't you ask your Aunt Lindsey that next time you see her, since she is not only a Kindergarten teacher, but a Sunday school teacher as well.

Easter, Round 1

I really wish I was posting lake pictures right now but I am still pleased to say that we had a fabulous Easter weekend. 3 weeks ago, Tylee had the stomach flu, followed by influenza the next weekend,  and when we finally ventured to Joplin the next weekend, she threw up at David's Bridal within an hour of arriving in Joplin. Needless to say, my weekend have been pretty crappy lately. I was very disappointed that my Dad cancelled our lake plans but we still took full advantage of the 60 degree weather and the holiday weekend.
The day started out with Brynna's 3rd birthday party, which was fun because Tylee and Brynna are Best Friends. Tylee was so excited about the cake and presents, you would've thought it was her birthday! I didn't get my camera out at the birthday but grabbed it when we switched gears and headed to Grandma Ann's for Easter.

I didn't take any pictures of the other kids but this shot of Lowen was too cute not to post.

The egg hunt was very successful, which made me happy since Tylee had missed out on the other egg hunts this year in Parsons. We have had some fun Easter's (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) and didn't have much planned for this year but everything came together at the last minute and turned out to be a wonderful day. (And it wasn't even Easter yet!)