Snow Day!

Confession: One of my least favorite things to do is to play with Tylee. We can go to the park, do crafts, cook, make things out of construction paper, ect. but I dread actually sitting down to play Lalaloopy's, stuffed animals, or baby dolls. 99% of the time when she asks me to play, it's one of those things and I always try to detour her with something that I find more fun. I'd much rather go "do" something.

One thing we have in common? Snow! I love summer as much as the next gal but some of my favorite memories from my childhood are playing in the snow. My Dad used to come get us (my parents were divorced) and we would go shoot donuts in the closed parking lots. I remember being so scared and yelling at him but now that I'm 30 years old and know I lived through it, it was fun! We also lived close to Murray Hill, my elementary school, and anytime school was cancelled my cousins and I would walk to the school and sled down the hill. I'm sure we lasted all of 30 minutes but hey, these are my memories and in my head, it was an entire day full of fun! I also remember wanting to go play once but no one else wanted to, so I thought I would shovel the entire street. I think I made 2 passes.  
Other than this snowstorm, we haven't had any significant snow since Tylee's been old enough to play in it and at the ripe 'ol age of 2, she was not overly impressed with her hands getting wet/cold. Can you believe it hasn't snowed enough to build a snowman in the 2 years since? Or maybe it has and 1) my memory fails me or 2) we had something else going on and weren't home to play in it.
It was fun having something to do together that we both thoroughly loved and as ready as I am for spring, I'd take another couple rounds of snow combined with a day off, sunshine, no wind, our 4-wheeler, a sled, a better snowsuit, and the people I love. Is that too much to ask?
I know Spring is coming and we will be able to get out of the house soon and back to "doing" but I've been trying oblige to more of her requests to just play. We've been playing a lot of Office, Store, and School and one thing is for sure - this girls imagination is out of this world. Its nice to step out of real life sometimes and pay fake bills, get fake report cards, and buy fake groceries. Too bad the real world is always just a step away because it's pretty fun to just be a kid sometimes - snowman building included.


Sara said...

Thank you, I thought I was the only one who tailored their kid's activities to only be the ones that I like doing! ;) We had fun during our two snow days as well.

Sunni said...

Love the snow photos and agree: it's hard to play 'pretend' as an adult. I loved it as a kid but don't recall my parents playing with us...we had each other and our cousins. You are a good Mom to indulge her and play pretend from time to time!