Picnic in the Park

80 degrees today! What a great way to kick-off Spring Break. Let's not mention the fact that I don't get a Spring Break. Have I ever told you that my entire family is teachers and we only have 2 friends that have an 8-5 job along with me? That means 3 people out of our social group of 30+ people work on days like today. My bitterness is justified.
 I stayed on track! Even with the temptations of McDonalds!
We made the most of it by having a picnic at the park (or actually, Tylee's school because the park is closed) after I got off work. Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, we had some extra daylight and took full advantage!
 She was trying so hard to hang on!

How did she get this big?
All jokes aside, we do actually have some fun things planned for Spring Break - so I'll be back to blog about our adventures soon! Kansas City, here we come!


Sara said...

Isn't it crazy how much kids love their school playground! Wyatt loves playing on my school playground and would pick it over the humongeous city park plaground any day. ;)

Sunni said...

Gage is only 2.5 and I have NO IDEA how time passed that quickly. With Jack I now know that I have to savor every single moment because it will pass all too quickly.

Tylee is a beauty! It looks like you're having a lot of fun savoring the moments.